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Come to stay

Many employees stay with the company after finishing their training – graduate studies supported by the company

If employees feel comfortable in a company, chances are high that they will stay with it for a long time. Besides the numerous benefits, such as flexible working hours, company car, company mobile phone, free beverages or pension schemes (for details visit our career site), it is above all the good working atmosphere that many appreciate about Fasihi GmbH. And so, it is not surprising that, since the company was founded, 15 employees have stayed with the company after finishing their training here – that is almost 70 per cent. Company founder and chief executive Saeid Fasihi: “It makes me very proud that so many employees have remained loyal to us.”

Following his training in digital media, Vincenzo Suriano, for example, is now head of the design department. And after their dual studies, Alexandra, Larissa, Sabine, Mandy, Lisa, Sina and Rilana have remained loyal to Fasihi GmbH. The same applies to Nahid who, after finishing his training as an IT specialist, now works as a developer. Paulina and Elisa are still pursuing a “dual” university course, incorporating both studies and vocational practice in rotation, in digital media: media management and communication.

Vanessa and Kevin, who recently successfully completed their dual studies in Mannheim, also stay with the company.  Both have been taken on as permanent employees as of 1 October 2019.  Vanessa works as a project manager and Kevin as a frontend developer in the design department.


High priority on further training

Further training is highly important to our company. While some employees are regularly brought up to date in terms of the latest technology by our in-house Fasihi Academy, others take advantage of the opportunity to pursue a course of study supported by the company. An example of this is Bettina, who works as a technical writer at Fasihi and has received her master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg this year. 

From February 2018 to February 2019, Bettina completed an internationally oriented “Double Degree” distance learning course at the University of Strasbourg with a focus on technical communication/software localization. Thus, on the one hand, she has acquired the internationally recognized master’s degree and, on the other hand, the “Professional” certification of the German Association for Technical Communication (tekom) – both with the grade “very good”. “The studies were very hands-on so that I can actually use much of what I learned in my work here. This is not always a matter of course when studying. I think it is great that I was given the opportunity to spend some of my working hours on this.”

Bettina is not the only staff member who has developed in this way. Project manager Rilana, who did a bachelor’s degree as a dual student at Fasihi, completed her part-time studies in sales management with a master’s degree of science at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim in July 2019. “It was not always easy to balance work and studies. Effective time management was essential. I studied in order to develop professionally and to specialize in sales management and key account management.”


Employer’s support facilitates part-time studies

Another example is Sebastian, who also works as a project manager at Fasihi. He is currently studying part-time for a master’s degree (Master of Business Administration) in business innovation management at the Graduate School Rhine-Neckar. After completing his lecture courses, he is currently looking for a topic for his master’s thesis, for which he then has six months to work on. He has received special dispensation: As a trained IT specialist in the field of system integration, his professional experience and an aptitude test gave him the opportunity to enter the master’s programme without a bachelor’s degree. The part-time model allows me to supplement my professional experience with scientific know-how. Thanks to the support of my employer and my family, it is easier for me to study, since the amount of time involved is enormous.”

Sina is currently in the process of completing her master’s degree in “science – media and communication” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. She already has a bachelor’s degree which she did as a dual student at Fasihi GmbH. “Fasihi GmbH supports me so that I can choose and schedule my own working hours,” she says happily.


From studying part-time to CEO

The best example of where such advanced studies can lead is Rolf Lutzer, one of our chief executives since May 2018. In 2001 he joined the company as IT project manager and has accompanied its continuous development until today. While working, he completed a master’s degree in business administration (business information systems) at the Graduate School Rhine-Neckar in Mannheim. In 2007 he became an associate of Fasihi GmbH and head of project management. In 2014, he was appointed authorized signatory.

Company founder Saeid Fasihi is glad that, again and again, employees are taking the opportunity to continue their studies. “We are happy to do this because it is a win-win situation for both sides. You can see that very well from the example of Rolf Lutzer.”

They have all remained with Fasihi: group photo with chief executive Rolf Lutzer (on the left). Photo: Fasihi GmbH