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New: Digital Workplace for More Safety Regarding Production Processes

Our company has expanded its product range for steering corporate processes within the scope of Industry 4.0 by providing the intelligent EHS Management System "myEHS".

myEHS - web-based software by Fasihi in the field of environmental protection, health and saftey

Our company has expanded its product range for steering corporate processes within the scope of Industry 4.0 by providing the intelligent EHS Management System "myEHS". "Thus we can guarantee that Environmental, Health and Safety issues (EHS) are taken into consideration during the entire production process. This has an impact on the value-added chain, starting with the raw materials procurement right through to the delivery of end products to the customers," outlines chief executive Saeid Fasihi.

Company-wide usable software applications have become indispensable nowadays for steering processes regarding health protection, occupational safety and environmental management at production plants. Due to intensified legal regulations and because of demographic change, these three fields are more and more playing a central role in this regard.  In many plants they are still regarded separately and treated in different management systems. This is where the holistic EHS Management System of the web-based software “myEHS” comes in: myEHS combines these fields and integrates them into the entire production process.

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A digital workplace for production plants

Here, too, myEHS can assist you to bring order into the tangle of standards regarding legal regulations within the company, and at the same time, it can also set standards: staff do only receive those documents which are relevant to them at a personalized digital workplace. Operating instructions and others, as well as safety data sheets, are constantly made available in a central place. Read obligations and comprehension control ensure that all instructions are understood. Staff qualifications will increase through these controlled operating instructions. Moreover, it is guaranteed that only qualified personnel may carry out dangerous operations.

This way, company-wide and consistent safety at work is improved and, at the same time, risks of accidents are reduced. Both these things contribute to saving money. Since estimates made by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, by taking account of data from the Federal Statistical Office and the statutory health insurances, have revealed that days lost due to accidents in Germany in 2014 resulted in production losses totalling to 57 billion euros, respectively in a loss of gross value added of 90 billion euros.

User-friendly software

By further developing the EHS Management, staff qualifications are being visibly improved, going hand in hand with an increase in production quality. The basic requirement for that, however, remains the willingness of the staff to adjust to change, because these dramatic changes in working methods will fail if they lack staff commitment and belief. Introducing EHS Management requires the highest possible degree of flexibility and adaptation to new technologies. Here it has to be well-considered which software to choose by clearly focusing on user-friendliness and reducing the workload. Therefore, myEHS comprises the following components:

  • Instruction System
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Substances Information
  • Incident & Accident Database
  • Safety Inspections
  • Incident & Accident Notifications
  • Materials & Hazardous Substances Database
  • Work Schedule
  • Task Management
  • Administration of Operating Instructions and Safety Data Sheets

Rolf Lutzer, Head of Project Management at Fasihi GmbH: „By using our software, processes associated with production will be displayed holistically, combined with a well-founded safety concept considering diverse roles and rights. Since these processes are structured modularly, there are no obstacles to implementing a web-based EHS Management.“