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PORTAL4SCHOOL - The intelligent complete solution for a digitalised school

Fasihi GmbH develops new platform for schools and their environment

With, our company has developed an innovative platform for the digitalisation of the school system in Germany. Managing Director Rolf Lutzer: "We have set ourselves the task of making a positive contribution to a long-term strategy for the school system in Germany. With digitalisation, many processes can also be simplified in the school system and school resources can be focused even more on their core competences."

Unlike other platforms, Portal4School is a digital school with a portal for each school and a portal for school authorities in each federal state. All conceivable relationships between parents, school authorities, school administrators, teachers and pupils are already programmed. "There is nothing like this in Germany so far," says Lutzer.

Portal4School was programmed according to the EVA principle. From a scientific point of view, this means: a system is only digital when input, processing and output are digital.

Based on workshops with the respective target groups, current problems were analysed and digital solutions implemented for them. The approach of digitising many of the processes is an active contribution to environmental protection - e.g. numerous copies are no longer needed, which saves Co2.

The functions of the school platform are very extensive and range from the provision of timetables and educational plans in digitalised form, automated timetables and school resource management to the creation of digital teaching material, homework or exams. In addition, organisational processes such as digital induction plans for teachers or inventories of hardware and software are also mapped in the platform.

Parents are integrated into school life

Portal4School integrates parents into school life. They regularly receive all relevant information concerning their children. A number of processes are already digitised for school administrators: Admission of new pupils*, division into classes, creation of timetables as well as possibilities for notification and communication with teachers and parents. The experts of Fasihi have developed

The experts at Fasihi have developed Portal4School in such a way that students can learn best in the digital age and teachers can teach best. Video conferences between all participants are also possible at any time.

User acceptance, performance, maximum security and data protection guaranteed

According to the motto "The acceptance of a software is decided solely by the user", great importance is attached to the user-friendliness of Portal4School in addition to the functionalities. In addition, the platform can be used across devices from PCs, notebooks, tablets or even smartphones.

Data protection and data security are also top priorities. For example, students do not need external e-mail addresses. Thus external contacts are impossible, which considerably reduces the known dangers (e.g. viruses).

Based on its many years of experience with customers in large-scale industry, Fasihi GmbH has designed the IoT infrastructure of the platform in such a way that optimal performance and stability are achieved with a high number of users and overall system failures are almost non-existent. This is due to the distributed web environments in which the schools communicate with the central school authority platform as their own school platform instances. It is also possible to connect several systems from different manufacturers at the same time (e.g. web conferences) - in the event of a failure or overload, another system can be used.

Portal4School contains the software for security through encryption and classification of data, which was awarded the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize.

Easy entry with "single sign-on"

Our company's goal is to provide the school platform as a "single point of information" for all target groups and information, whereby data from other systems can be integrated via interfaces or other platforms can be connected via sigle sign-on (one-time login)


The features of Portal4School

- School homepage as internet presence

- Document management: storage of teaching materials for all teachers and school authorities

- Notification management with electronic notification

- Content management: For the dynamic creation of school materials for teachers

- E-classbook: Recording and documentation of all events in school classes

- E-school notebook for pupils/parents: communication with parents

- E-course notebook for teachers

- E-grade processing

- E-lesson board according to the specifications of school authorities

- E-lesson plan for all participants (room, teacher, class, pupils)

- Interfaces to many standard software applications - including video conferencing (e.g. Big Blue Button,       Teams from Microsoft)

- Various evaluations with a click

- Children do not need e-mail addresses - the system offers secure communication between all registered   persons with its own technology, similar to a mail system.

- E-learning: creation and provision of digital presentations and instructions

New ways to digitalise internal processes

The digitisation of internal processes of school administrations is also provided for in Portal4School. This is done with easy-to-use tools for personnel management, task management (task planning), induction plan, application tool, inventory management for hardware and software as well as workflow management for all processes.

Company founder and managing director Saeid Fasihi: "20 years of experience in portal technology and digitalisation have brought us so far that in the digital world it is much easier for us all to learn from each other and improve in the long term if we share our knowledge with each other. This is exactly what we want to achieve with our digital school platform: New digital teaching material created by teachers can be positively evaluated by students and other teachers."

The teaching concepts with the best rating can thus be viewed by the school authority, awarded prizes and also made available to other schools as teaching material via the school platform. This will lead to a continuous improvement of digital teaching and digital teaching methods from year to year. The positive feedback and the award will also be an incentive for teachers to develop new ideas.

Fasihi: "Our whole society and also the economy will benefit from this knowledge management in the long term, as our students were able to complete high-quality digital learning concepts. Weh ave just started with the first presentations and the excitement shown confirms that we are on the right track."

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