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The learning platform for education, continuing education, further training and knowledge transfer

Digitalization is more important today than ever before. The corona crisis has shown that we have to adapt to changing conditions quicker and quicker. Digital solutions such as our "Academy4Company" learning platform for companies help them to remain competitive.

Continuing education is a key factor for exemplary companies. The more specialized the requirements become, the more worthwhile it is to have your own training facility in the form of a corporate academy from which employees can benefit through e-learning. With Academy4Company, we have developed our own digital platform for medium-sized and large companies.  

Knowledge as intellectual capital

Academy4Company allows companies to conduct all training in the company digitally. This can bring huge advantages in competition: after all, knowledge as intellectual capital is becoming increasingly important in companies and organizations. Their market value no longer consists of the pure book value, but additionally of the know-how anchored in the company or organization.

Knowledge means innovation, better product quality and services, fewer workplace accidents, higher customer satisfaction, less rework, etc. Chief executive Rolf Lutzer: „It is therefore all the more important to transfer and expand this knowledge to the employees within the company."

Today, many platforms around the topic of „education and continuing education” offer a pure participant management for the seminars which they provide. Academy4Company goes one step further providing the additional option to conduct these seminars digitally. Virtual classrooms enable timetables, course content, assignments and exercises, e-learning, online conferences, messages with electronic acknowledgement, assessments and evaluations etc. to be displayed. New features allow for analogue and digital forms to be merged. Thus, for example, functions from the platform can be activated and conveniently executed on the smartphone. Analogue documents, for instance, can quickly be scanned with your smartphone and transferred to the learning platform and signatures for acknowledgement can be executed on the handset. The platform was created with the highest regard for a user-friendly handling for participants, instructors and administration.

Academy4Company is ready for immediate use and equipped with basic functions for education, continuing education (e.g. language courses or specialist seminars), further training (e.g. master craftsmen, technicians).

Further company-specific modules can be integrated on request. “Our digital learning platform supports companies to manage knowledge transfer through seminars and training with smart and easy-to-use tools and with the goal of a long-term strategy,” Lutzer explains.

Digitalization will change workplaces

The multiple award-winning software company has the best experience to pass on. Since 2015, both employees as well as customers have benefitted from the training courses at the Fasihi Academy. Their head Marius Pollmer says: „We founded our Academy at the right time. It is already making an important contribution to the company’s success. I can only recommend other companies to follow a similar path because digitalization will change workplaces quite significantly in the future. “

"Many companies and their employees face the challenge of lifelong learning. The qualification of personnel represents an important strategic goal and an essential contribution to the company’s success, “adds Lutzer, who is responsible for the development of the platform.