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Augmented Reality Apps

Our Mobile Development department is intensely involved with augmented reality and presents three showcases for using this technology in building and manufacturing.

Digital 3D display of sketched blueprints in space

This app enables the virtual 3D presentation of a 2D sketch in space. If you look at the sheet with the sketch through data glasses, the 3D model is displayed. Here, specific points can be defined where individual photos can be displayed, such as the interior of a building. When the user's eye focuses on a point, the corresponding photo is shown.

Placement of Virtual Objects with Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens glasses from Microsoft let users place switches and electrical sockets freely in the virtual space. In the process, the position of each respective object is selected by looking at the appropriate location and making a hand gesture. Walls and other obstacles are identified by the application automatically. The glasses can then be given to an electrician, for example, who can work with the input data.

Maintenance of Industrial Installations through Simulated Instructions

The VR Maintenance App makes it possible to maintain installations based on virtual, step by step instructions. Since a head-mounted display is used, users have both hands free and can concentrate completely on the task at hand. Gas and liquid flows in the pipes to be maintained are visualized through animation. A description of the respective control element is displayed continuously while the work is performed.

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