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With 30 years of experience in the internet/intranet business segment, we’re the perfect IT service provider for you. Our focus is on developing business software, mobile apps, portal/web applications, and solutions for the Industry 4.0 environment.

We can implement all your digital needs through extensive consulting, sophisticated concepts, creative design, and tailor-made programming. We take the challenges posed by the digital transformation of your business and master all the necessary steps together with you.



Subsidiary of the BASF Digital Solutions GmbH

FASIHI is now officially a subsidiary of the BASF Digital Solutions GmbH. We are welcoming Stefan Schreiner as our new Managing Director and are looking forward to this exciting journey.


Digital Assistance Systems – Greater Efficiency in Production

Our digital assistance system gives Industry 4.0 companies a flexible system for optimizing efficiency, reliability, knowledge management, and occupational safety.

After you assign a device designation (including those in accordance with DIN SPEC 91406) to your equipment, our system lets you retrieve linked information such as guidance, recommended actions, directions, and process instructions, as well as recorded empirical knowledge. To do so, you simply scan the local QR code.

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Fasihi eXperience Platform (FXP)

the digital workplace and unified solution for all employees on one platform

FXP is the highly effective cloud-based IT platform that realizes the need for total integration and thus reduces costs, time and organizational effort.

The Fasihi eXperience Platform is the scalable, cloud-based successor of the successful Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP). All employees of a company are thus provided with an easy-to-use digital workplace with all required applications and information.

Experiences from 20 years of using IT solutions in large enterprises and medium-sized businesses with highest customer satisfaction are bundled in this all-in-one platform.

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Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP)

Our strongest digital tool for content editing, document management, workflow management, and individual solutions.

With the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® (FEP), you offer your employees a user-friendly digital working environment.

More than 200 topic-specific modules give your staff exaclty the functionalities and information they need to perform their everyday tasks.

Daily work processes can be completed with the help of numerous applications such as workflow management, project management, document management and content management. These applications precisely adapted to the requirements of the workplace and significantly increase efficiency.

Security- and audit-relevant solutions (e.g. in the area of EHS) support you in standards-based procedures.

By using the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® you build the foundation for improved information and communication management. The complexity of your IT landscape is reduced at the same time, enabling you to cut costs as well.

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EHS Management – Automate Occupational Health and Safety at Your Company

Our all-rounder gives your employees a digital workplace within your company. This solution has won over a large number of international users.

Its variety of configurable modules for a wide range of labor issues and individually expansible features make our system highly flexible. It enables fast work and auditable documentation of your company processes – from production to management.

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Academy4Company – The digital learning platform for training and further education in the company

Knowledge as intellectual capital is becoming increasingly important in companies and organizations.

The market value of a company or an organization no longer consists of the pure book value, but additionally of the know-how, which is anchored in the company or organization. Knowledge means innovation, better quality of products and services, fewer accidents at work, higher customer satisfaction, less rework, etc. It is therefore all the more important to transfer and expand this knowledge within the company to the employees.

Our digital learning platform "Academy4Company" supports you with the goal of a long-term strategy to manage the knowledge transfer by means of seminars and trainings in the company.

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Workflow Management – Digitize your business processes

Save time, resources and costs when creating and executing your individual digital business processes. Customize both the layout and functions of workflows according to your needs. Simple workflows or event-driven process chains (EPK) can be mapped just as easily as complex business processes with numerous parallel and serial intermediate steps.

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QuickIn App – Fast, Simple Mobile Data Entry

QuickIn is the software solution for mobile data entry that gives optimal support to creating a safety culture at your company, for example. QuickIn lets you integrate custom forms, for instance, for mobile entry of reportable work accidents with an app, for example.

You can enter incidents easily and forward them to the proper offices and supervisors quickly.

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DMS – Our Document Management System

Whether equipment documentation, quality management, or other business documents: our integrated, workflow-supported document management system (DMS) lets you manage your documents in a central location throughout their life cycle.

Thanks to digital approval and release processes, instructions for your employees, and information management for increased transparency, you can make document management at your company as convenient as possible.

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