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Digital nameplate supports employees in production and maintenance

Industry 4.0: Digital assistance system by Fasihi enables access to all product data 

The Digital Assistance System of Fasihi GmbH facilitates the work of employees in production. Photo: © dusanpetkovic1 -

The Digital Assistance System of Fasihi GmbH supports employees in production and maintenance in their tasks and work.

Via a one-to-one QR code - similar to a digital name plate - all information about the product and its life cycle can be assigned and the information provided in a standardized way as well as intelligent recommendations for action can be retrieved. Managing Director Rolf Lutzer: "We read in the manufacturer's standardized information and our own documents on this equipment within the framework of the VDI2770 guideline, generate a unique QR code and thus create the basis for work on the machine such as servicing and maintenance. Our digital assistance system ensures that recommendations for action are issued in the event of problems and that tasks are clearly assigned and documented."

In daily practice, important data on equipment can be managed simply and clearly and accessed at any time via the QR code (also in the format according to the new international industry standard IEC 61406). This means that the automatic identification of physical objects and information about the physical object can be consistently implemented in IT systems - an important step on the way to Industry 4.0.

Increasingly diverse products and complex machines mean that the requirements for completing production tasks are constantly changing. Employees therefore need more and more frequent information in order to perform their work. Up to now, information about the order and the process description is mostly created on paper - a high effort.

With its Digital Assistance System, Fasihi GmbH has developed a flexible solution which combines all relevant functions from the creation of instructions to documentation and archiving. Because all functions are linked, the process of digital documentation and information provision can be standardized across departments. The easy-to-understand user interface makes it easy to build instructions and add individual elements such as photos, descriptive texts, graphics, documents and checklists, provided with unique attributes for easy retrieval.

Direct digital access to all product data

The digital extension of printed nameplates provides direct access to all product data of plant components. "This approach offers significant advantages to all parties involved (engineering, operator and manufacturer), simplifies existing processes and saves time and costs," explains Swen Harz, Head of Technical Solutions at Fasihi: "This is because devices can be clearly identified, access to device-specific information is easy and by using the digital nameplate, a company is equipped for Industry 4.0."

An often underestimated feature when selecting a suitable assistance system is the creation of instructions. Especially in times of different variants, the input of content has to happen during ongoing operations - intuitive and fast instruction creation is therefore another core element of the software. Once a manual has been created, it can be used on various mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets) and stationary PCs. In addition, the solution offers manufacturers the option of standardizing their information on this equipment and compiling and providing digital manufacturer information in accordance with VDI 2770.

The integration into the existing IT infrastructure as well as the exchange with own systems in use is also possible in the Digital Assistance System. The solution, which is deliberately designed to be holistic and open, uses the full potential of the new communication technologies in production and repair and offers many possibilities for accessing and exchanging information.

Fasihi's Digital Assistance System will be presented at the MOTEK 2022 trade fair in Stuttgart from 4 to 07 October 2022 in Hall 1, Booth 1530.

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