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About Us

You have never heard of us? Then it is about time you do! Get an overview of who we are, what matters to us and what we can do for you.

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a seasoned IT specialist with a versatile team and almost 30 years of experience in the field. Based in the German city of Ludwigshafen, we act globally according to our motto: individual and sustainable.

Our core competences are the development of business software, mobile apps, portal and web applications and solutions in the Industry 4.0 environment. We make your digital wishes come true with comprehensive consulting, clever concepts, creative design and tailored software development. We take the challenges of the digital transformation of your business seriously and take the necessary steps together with you.

The focus of all solutions is the optimization and digitalization of complex enterprise processes for companies of all sizes and industries. Customer orientation is our top priority. We put high emphasis on sustainability, flexibility and social responsibility. Customer loyalty and staff retention are very important to us, and we are happy about the continuous growth of the “Fasihi Family”.

The combination of quality, commitment and passion is at the center of our success. This is confirmed everyday by our happy customers and motivated staff. Our numerous awards and increasing sales figures further illustrate our success.

Learn more about us and explore our exciting history!

Our history

  • illu_isometric_History_1986

    All beginnings are difficult

    For political reasons, Saeid Fasihi flees Iran and comes to Germany as an asylum seeker. With a lot of patience and willpower he builds a new life here.

    He spends most of his days as a guest auditor in the computer center of the University of Heidelberg and completes a number of courses. Later, he is given the opportunity to complete an official degree at the University of Mannheim and applies with BASF as a programmer.

  • illu_isometric_History_1990

    The foundation is built

    Mr. Fasihi registers a trade as an IT programmer in Ludwigshafen: Fasihi Database Internet Service. As a freelancer in the planning and market research department of BASF, he is in charge of application programming and software support.

    He gradually attracts other BASF departments as customers for his consulting services as well as for his web design services.

  • illu_isometric_History_1996

    It's time to take on responsibility

    Fasihi installs the first Netscape web server for BASF market research and starts to design and administrate websites. This brings more BASF departments as customers. His workplace on the company premises allows Mr. Fasihi to serve his customers quickly and efficiently.

    A web-based information and communication system is implemented in the BASF intranet, the administration and further development of which is assigned to Fasihi.

  • illu_isometric_History_2001

    Fasihi Enterprise Portal®

    For the scientific department of BASF, Fasihi implements a portal with Single Sign On to a large number of databases. Administration processes are automated,  and users can define individually which content they want to see.

    Later the portal will be extended by a multi-user content management system and various functions for the creation of web contents: the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® is born.


    • Partner of Sun Microsystems
    • New building on Heinigenstraße

    • Larger building on Sternstraße
  • illu_isometric_History_2006

    An award-winning product

    Fasihi Enterprise Portal is being used in over 30 projects with more than 40,000 users, ensuring a multi-year contract with BASF.

    The portal is continuously being developed further. The list of medium-sized companies ("Mittelstandsliste") honors it as the leading top 20 product in the area of document management systems (DMS).

  • illu_isometric_History_2011

    More customers, more employees, more awards

    The Institute for Management Information Systems in Ludwigshafen, the Wissensfabrik - Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V. and Austria as well as the company network KL-CONNECT now use our portal technology.

    We are also delighted to win the Innovation Award of  Rhineland-Palatinate for our software for encrypting and classifying data.



  • illu_isometric_History_2013

    A great award for great skill

    We are awarded the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses. this makes us one of the best 5 companies in Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland and one of the best 33 companies in Germany.

    Our web-based solution WEB inFACTORY, the software for your occupational safety, is launched on the market and is installed more than 20 times for our customers in the course of only one year.

  • illu_isometric_History_2015_eng

    Fasihi celebrates

    Thanks to our outstanding team, we were able to complete 700 new projects and to support around 100,000 users worldwide. This gives us many more reasons to celebrate in addition to the 25th anniversary of the company.

    With the establishment of the Fasihi Academy, the company reacts to the growing need for professional training: a department for customer and employee training is created.


  • illu_isometric_History_2016

    Successful times

    We are enjoying more awards, more employees and an enormous increase in turnover.

    You are wondering what the reasons for our unstoppable success may be? The most important aspects can easily be identified:

    • always be up to date with the latest technology,
    • build a dedicated and highly skilled team,
    • focus on customer orientation and
    • react quickly and flexibly.


  • illu_isometric_History_2018


    The signing of a long-term contract with the chemical company BASF SE for the global use of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal and the associated IT services marks an important milestone in our company's history.

    With the construction of his own company building, Saeid Fasihi creates a new home for his team of almost 100 people. He is supported in this by the new second managing director Rolf Lutzer, who is ready to face new challenges.

  • illu_isometric_History_2018

    Relocation to our new company building

    In summer 2019, the entire team moves into the new company building on the Ludwigshafen Technology Mile. 2400 square meters with modern office and meeting rooms and a break room with a roof terrace offer space and comfort for more than 100 employees.

    In September, the grand opening ceremony takes place with renowned guests from the worlds of politics and business, including Ms. Malu Dreyer, the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate.


  • illu_isometric_History_2020

    We celebrate 30 years of Fasihi!

    The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of our company. In 1990, Fasihi was founded as a one-man company by Saeid Fasihi.
    Today we are a successful software house with 90 employees.

    This year, we were recognized as  "Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses 2020" by Yourfirm, a job portal for medium-sized businesses.


Our passionate team

Our multicultural team is characterized by an enthusiasm for technology and a spirit of innovation. A friendly tone of voice, a pleasant atmosphere and open communication ensure good team spirit and fun at work.

Company Management

Rolf Lutzer, Saeid Fasihi and Werner Beutel

Saeid Fasihi, Executive Director

The founder and soul of the company has worked hard for his achievements and can look back on many successful years.


Rolf Lutzer, Executive Director

With his wealth of experience from many years as the head of project management, Rolf Lutzer brings a fresh breeze into the management team.


Werner Beutel, Head of Software Development

The head of the development department supports the management with his technical know-how and always keeps a cool head when challenges have to be faced.

Department Management


Jeanette Klein

Head of Quality Management

The quality of your products is guaranteed by complying to legal guidelines and standards through our certifications. All solutions are extensively tested on all devices to make sure you always leave a professional impression.


Dr. Peter Olech

Head of Project Management

Our IT project managers accompany you from initial consulting to the final implementation of your product. Customizing and coordination with developers and designers play an important role in this process. Our project managers are always available to you as personal contact persons who offer advice and assistance.


Vincenzo Suriano

Head of Design

Creative artists in frontend development and UX/UI design make sure our products look both professional and attractive. Here you will find the right contact persons for corporate and graphic design, videos and animations. Intuitive usability and joy of use are their main focus .


Swen Harz

Head of Technical Solutions and Support

We organise the framework and conceptualise new, complex projects and also regulate the technical, cross-departmental coordination for new developments with a complex background. In addition, our multilingual technical user support team assists our customers in their day-to-day use of our products.


Vanessa Schäfer

Head of Software Development

Our Java experts work diligently on the high quality and versatility of our products. Technical innovations and the individual requirements are implemented quickly and reliably by these clever minds. Innovative solutions are par for the course here.


Sebastian Collet

Head of Project Management

Our IT project managers accompany you from initial consulting to the final implementation of your product. Customizing and coordination with developers and designers play an important role in this process. Our project managers are always available to you as personal contact persons who offer advice and assistance.


Simone Oehl

Head of Office

The office team manages all things related to human resources and never gets caught up in red tape. Strong nerves, organizational talent and an overview are required. Here beats the heart of our company. No matter what's the issue at hand: you will always find help, support and someone willing to listen. 


Dieter Frankenhauser

Head of Human Resources Management

We take care of human resources management. The development of personnel and the recruitment of new employees for the sustainable growth of our company.
Competent and committed employees are the decisive basis for satisfied customers..

Multiple awards

We came off as winners in many award ceremonies and received several prizes. Have a look at our trophy rack and learn more about our award-winning qualities!


Stevie Winner Gold

Manager of the Year in the category "Computer software companies with up to 500 employees"



A holistic management approach for sustainable success


Software made in Germany

Usability, flexibility, clever design and cost-efficiency


Winner of the Innovation Award

Awarded for innovative applications and methods of information and communication technologies.


Winner of the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes"

Winner of the most important award for medium-sized enterprises.


Software Hosted in Germany

Your data is too valuable to be handled lightly.


Hugo Junkers Preis

in the category "Most innovative cooperation"


Stevie Winner Silver

Manager of the Year in the category  "Computer software companies with up to 250 employees"

Our partners

Long-standing business relationships lead to success and reliable networking. We are pleased about the trust placed in us and appreciate the cooperations that have grown and deepened over the years.